Secure and Seamless multi-protocol trading platform



MULTIPLE Exchanges

Multi Protocol Decentralized Exchange

Central Exchange 


We are releasing a launchpad to assist new companies to tokenize and raise equity for their ideas.

Financial insitution

We have partnered with an EU financial instituion allowing for fiat – crypto / crypto – fiat transactions.

Multi Layered Solution

Blocksale has been working vigorously to incorporate

a four pronged approach to release a stable business

model ensuring our customers and users success 

using our exchange, launchpad or financial application.


Why Invest in Blocksale?

We are sourcing private investors and giving away equity to them. We have a long term business model and clients ready to start using our services. 


Working solely with EU licensing will allow us to scale globally and be accepted by regulators globally.



Due to the nature of blockchain rest assured if a transaction is recognized it cannot be reversed. 


We never hold your assets so they are always secured and held by you. 


We are fully transparent technology utilizing blockchain to ensure everything can be tracked.

Multi protocol Wallet

We are working on a multi protocol wallet that will be released with cross chain functionality.

Post Launch Market Analysis

We are releasing an AI machine learning solution that will do full market and historical analysis on your concept for our launchpad. 

Top Exchange Volumes

These exchange volumes are a fraction of the daily trading volume in the cryptocurrency space. 

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