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Intelligent. Compliant. Secure

Blocksale (BOK) is an AML/KYC compliant
presale token acquisition platform.

Advantages of Blocksale


Blocksale will pride itself on having uncompromised protection for its userbase by meeting all regulatory and compliance standards. Working with individuals who are accredited investors allows Blocksale to remove any grey areas and establish itself as a long-term token acquisition platform. Full compliance mitigates risk to Blocksale, platform users, and ITO creators.

Benefits for ITO Founders

Blocksale will determine the validity and use case of ITOs using a thorough vetting process involving an analysis of each ITO’s technical team, business model, real world application, and technology. Once passing the vetting process ITO creators will gain the ability to present their token presale to Blocksale’s entire userbase. This ensures that ITO creators can have a successful presale without the need to independently source their platform’s own token adopters.

Presale Portal

Blocksale’s development team utilizes industry expertise and established networks to allow investors to capitalize on ITOs without having to be directly or indirectly connected with the individuals and teams creating ITOs. This eliminates the potential for missed opportunities on various lucrative ITO projects and manages risks by giving Blocksale’s userbase the opportunity to grow robust and diversified token portfolios
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Mobile Platform

Mobile device functionality allows users to actively track news and market shifts, be alerted of new and upcoming ITO’s on the go, and access the Blocksale portal & wallet app from anywhere in the world.

Artificial Intelligence

Blocksale’s proprietary AI based framework will be developed to analyze all ITOs using proprietary algorithms that will help identify properties that are found in all successful ITOs. By correlating cryptoeconomic and geopolitical data with historical ITOs, the AI algorithms will forecast the potential for growth, use case validity, and the ability to achieve development goals in each separate ITO analyzed.

The Road Ahead

Token Distribuion

Round 2 will remain open until all 10M BOK tokens have been sold. We accept Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Wire Transfer through our portal.

Total Distributed: 10,000,000 BOK

% Complete
Round 2
0.25 per BOK
10,000,000 BOK Available

Countdown to Round 2

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Investor Accreditation

For more detailed information on the definiton of ‘what is an accedited investor?’

The Team

Darren Franceschini

Eric Godwin

Brandon Dunlop

Jesse Federman

Viven Kalia

Shaun Benoliel

Rory Piant

Garrett Sherman

Emal Safi

Kshitish Balhotra

David Cao

Adam Steele


Alex Shalash

Doug Coyle

Tony Humble

Christopher Yee

Dr. Kanth Miriyala

Jonathan Millet

Jayanand Sagar

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Influencer Marketing
Become a brand ambassador and help spread the message to earn BOK.
Keep Blocksale running smoothly by recognizing vulnerability within the platform.

Bounty Program

We encourage the community to contribute and be rewarded by assisting the growth of our platform. Participating in our bounty programs will not only promote the development and expansion of our community but will allow you to be rewarded in our token (BOK).

Token Functionality

Smart Contracts




Internal Trading

Presale Investment

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